FAQ - Fresh Salted Casing

Natural Sausage Casings are commonly used for

  • Fresh Sausage
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Dry Sausage

Care and usage for fresh salted casing.

Keep them refridgerated, well salted, drained and slightly on the drier side.

When ready to use, rinse the casing thoroughly inside and out with fresh water to remove as much salt as you can.

Soak in water, temperature not to exceed 90 deg F (32 deg C)

Soak for at least one hour, sample the water for saltiness, if salty rinse and repeat. They will become more tender through time. 3 or 4 hours works or overnight is fine.

Remember not to over fill casing while stuffing, as you will want to be able to link them after, keeps blowouts to a minimum.

Unused casing can be thoroughly drained, well salted, bagged and put back in the refridgerator.

Freezing is not recommended as they are susceptible to freezer burn and may become brittle, difficult to work with or break.