LEM #12 Big Bite Stainless Steel, .75 HP


Product may vary slightly from image representation.

The Lem #12 Big Bite stainless steel .75HP meat grinder comes with a stainless steel grinding knife and 3 stainless steel grinder plates, 3/8" 10mm coarse grind, 3/16" 4.5mm fine grind and a stuffing plate. It features all metal gears and included also are 3 stuffing tubes and a meat stomper.

 The Big Bite can be attached to the 25 Lb mixer ( sold separately) which can turn the hand mixer into power driven meat mixer. 

The Patty Maker ( sold separately), and the Patty, Jerky and snack stick maker ( sold separately) can be attached for a quick and easy way to make hamburger, jerky and snack sticks.