Collagen Casing, 21mm, Caddie, Mahogany coloured


Product may vary slightly from image representation.

Edible collagen casing 19mm diameter, An edible alternative to hog or sheep casings. Edible collagen casings for fresh or smoked sausage feature uniform sizes to make filling easier for delicious sausages, pepperoni, meat sticks, and more. Made from beef protein, these casings require no preparation for use. Fill to about 90% full as you need room to link and or hang over a rod in your smoke house.

Each Caddie makes approx 454kgs / 1000lbs of sausage, 100 strands, each strand makes approx 4.5kgs / 10lbs of sausage, strand length is 18.6m / 61 ft 

No rinsing required, ready to use.

Caution needs a very narrow stuffing tube, not tapered.

Make sure to use enough water in the meat mixture to be able to stuff.

Fill to approx. 90% full as you will to be able to link and or enough sapce to hang over a rod in your smoke house.

Avoid water contact as the casing will come away from the sausage, ie water bath or ice water cool down after hot smoking.